Carpet Cleaner-ZA-C15

Mainly use in the hotel,office,cinema and all kind of floor with carpet, it can to clean and mantainance the carpet.
√.Compact and easy to use
(3 actions (spraying - brushing - vacuuming)
√.Easy control & Save time
√.Weight only 24.9kg Light and Flexible


A small, quiet, agile and powerful performer with four castors.
Instead of technical gimmicks the user benefits from a high standard, durable, quality product that ensures positive performance.
An extremely user-friendly model with ergonomic and multifunction handle.

Air Blower-ZA-750A

ZA-750A Air blower with 3 speeds and 3 different positioning angles, Choose to place it horizontally,vertically or at 45 degrees to get the best air flow in the spaces where you need it.With Hollow plastic design,so the RK-750A Air blower is tough and durable.


This Air Carpet/Floor Blower uses a dependable 750w motor that runs on 50m 3 per mints. 8m cord helps you bring the blower where you need it and a tilting mechanism helps you direct air flow at 45° or 90°for ventilation or drying. 3-speed switch allows you to manipulate the amount of airflow, as you need it.

Carpet Cleaner-ZA-C-9

The injection / extraction machines are used for cleaning carpets, curtains, seats, cars, etc.
The principle is to spray on the surface to clean a mixture of solution and water.

Carpet Cleaner ZA-C34

Power brush Carpet cleaner-ZA-C34

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