Small Outsider Places RD-S3

S3 is a professional ride on sweeper that has stainless steel chassis and dustbin that specially used in food processing plant, chemical plants and other corrosive places. It is suitable for indoors and outdoors areas that less than 20,000㎡.

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Sweeping paths1350Max working speed6Km/h
Productivity8100㎡ /hMax driving speed8Km/h
Main brush’s length700mmMax climbing capacity20°
Power supply
36VFilter surface4.3m²
Continuous working time6-8hNet weight540kg
Dustbin capacity135Lmaintenance-free batterySealed Lead-Acid Battery
Side brush’s diameter500mmBatterycellnike 3-EV-200
Driving power1200w or 1500wWire(CIS)
Work power600w+500w+60w+ 80w*2ChassisIron
Turning radius(spot turn)1350mmPacking size1.8m*1.2m*1.5m
Dimensions(L/W/H)1700/1350/1300mmAfter packaging weight670kg

Product features


1. Two side brushes, sweeping width of 1350mm, high working efficiency.

2. Large power for suction system guarantees the suction performance.

3. The use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leakage, do not produce harmful gases.

4. Has international advanced clean-rejection technology, dust box rate up to 100% of the theoretical Value.

5. The reliable good quality parts help to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

6. Solid tire, strong and durable.

7. Imported electronic control device, current protection device, low-voltage protection device, enforced pallet, bigger in size of trash bin.

8. high pressure water spray system can cut down the dust flying.

S3: Rust Proof & Durable

Equipped with stainless steel chassis and stainless steel dustbin

Area coverage up to 8100 ㎡ cleaned per hour 

Suitable for cleaning corridor, places under large shelves and other hard-to-reach areas. 

It can clean metal debris, various of ceramic powder, coal cinder and other industrial and living garbage. 

Specially used in food processing plants, chemical plants and other corrosive places. 

Detail information and adxantages

The shell is made of ABS material, which has high strength,aging resistance, corrosion resistance, anti fouling ability, easy to clean stains.

Table 304 stainless steel panel, fresh. The United States Curtis power meter, low power consumption watchband protection is an important protection configuration for battery life. Schneider button, to reach the IP65 level, silver contact, longer service life.

We use good quality big power controller, with brake current recharge function, prolong the mileage, and electronic brake function, descent function, operation more safety.

Driving power of 1.2 kilowatts, more able to adapt to the use of municipal sanitation high load environment.

The shell is made of ABS material, which has high strength,aging resistance, corrosion resistance, anti fouling ability, easy to clean stainsThe battery line adopts 25 square GB flame retardant line, with overload protection device, and the battery pack to strengthen the floor, to reduce the impact and shock on the battery, the battery is connected with a protective paste..

Seat with armrests and safety seats to increase operator comfort and safety.

Integrated wiring harness, to achieve automotive TS16949 standards, wire to German standards, the use of flame-retardant wire.

The filter core area of 4.3 square meters, the greater the filtration area, the more time to absorb the dust within the unit time, cleaning dust smaller, effectively prevent dust pollution of the two.

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